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If you've decided to give it a shot to make money online, you may have heard of an easy method such as starting a niche website. What makes it so easy is that there are many niche website templates already available to download to your hosting site. From there, you just need to fill it with content. Now, yes, there are PLR packages you can purchase to fill your site with content. However, guess what, you need fresh content! Why You Need Fresh Content for Your Site For those new to online marketing and business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best mediums to get traffic to your site. Besides having content that is keyword friendly, you also need to have unique information on your site. No matter what update Google rolls out with and changes their algorithm, one thing will always remain the same – your website should not have duplicate content. If it does, you will be penalized and not show up in organic search results. Also, in having fresh content, you're providing more useful, relevant, and evergreen content to your users, not something outdated or that they've read a hundred times over on another blog. How PLR Content Can Help You Out Now, I'm not saying that PLR content is entirely bad. It's great for idea creation or to hand off to writers such as myself to rewrite the content. You see, many PLR companies advertise the same medium to all their buyers – take a piece of the content and add more to it to make your article unique. Well, pardon my French, but how the heck is it making it unique if the same word-for-word verbiage is in there somewhere? They may also state to tweet certain pieces. Well, if 100 people purchased it and are tweeting the same thing, what is making you stand out? Can You Use PLR Content for Your Niche Website? So by all means, do use PLR content to get started. The best thing to do with PLR is to again either Get an idea of what the article is about and write your own or Send it to someone to rewrite the article If you send it to a niche writer, they may be able to easily add in some other great points quickly for you. Hopefully these tips can get you a few articles on your new niche website up in no time.

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