Why Do YOU Need a Blog? Part ONE

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If I am going to work on growing my business and focusing on the basics, I am going to bring back some of my important blogs. In the next two weeks, we are going to re-discover why YOUR business needs to have a blog!

First of all, what is a blog? It is a short, informative piece written to drive people to your website. Many are for entertainment but many people search out blogs for their free information. To keep people coming, a new blog should be posted at least weekly, though some people post daily. So, why exactly do you need a blog?

Blogs can be used to allow people to learn about you and trust you. If you know what you are talking about, people will come when they are looking for some information. Hopefully, they will stick around, read some more blogs, and get to know you and trust you.

Blogs are better than social media because, unlike Facebook posts and Tweets, your blogs will be visible for years to come. Trust me, if you search for information on the web, you will find a lot of blogs. It is not uncommon to see blogs that are several years old that are still relevant and important. I am not saying that shares, likes, and comments on Facebook are not good for your business; however, they are not something that will be noticed in a few weeks (or even days). So keep providing people with quality blogs and they will continue to be searched for (and found).

Blogs allow you to connect with your clients, especially if you respond to comments. I know that this means more work, but people will read blogs. They may have questions that you are able to answer or they might have some comments. You want potential clients to see that you are a real person and that you care enough to spend time talking with them.

Blogs are a good way to bring people to your website. People who blog have 55 percent more website views according to Image Works Creative. This is an impressive number. Why shouldn't you start a blog and let the world know who you are.

Blogging can be a tedious task that not many people like to do (even though I do). However, the list of reasons on why you need to blog is so big that I had to split this topic into two parts. So please check back next week for part two (as if you need more reasons to start your blog). Talk to you soon.

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Shelley Wenger started her freelance writing business a few years ago. She loves to blog and works regularly at other sites, though she is looking at branching out. She enjoys writing about business, marketing, pets (she is a certified veterinary technician), parenting, and much more. She is always ready to research for topics that she does not know much about.
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