Who Says DC Bagels Can't Be Delicious??

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I've heard the comparison for many a year: You can't find a real bagel in DC. There are many imitators, many emulators, many that try so hard, but in the end, you'll never find a bagel quite as good as you can get in NY. Well I'm here now to let the naysayers know, I have found that bagel! Bullfrog Bagel is a tiny little operation in Northeast DC, right on the bustling, back on the rise, H Street. Those around them are already aware of the aroma of fresh baked daily bagels. Hand rolled, boiled and baked every morning, Bullfrog is worth every penny you'll likely spend. You won't be able to help but spend a penny or two, as you'll want everything they have to offer! Now I'm not a huge bagel fan. Never have been. Bagels are ok when they're around. I eat them when available, especially when available for free. Like on my job, we have a Bagel Thursday. And who in their right mind is going to pass up free breakfast every week? Certainly not me! So this Bagel Thursday, we went with this fresh new bagel place on H Street. And boy was it worth it! As I said, I'm not a huge bagel fan, but I could eat these bagels all he day long! They look so fresh, smell so delicious, taste so amazingly delicious! And I've always felt like the right cream cheese makes the bagel. And at Bullfrog, their shmears are just as good as their bagels! A perfect compliment! Fresh and handmade, you can see real chunks of whatever flavor you're having: salmon n the smoked salmon flavor, veggies in the veggie flavor, walnuts in the honey walnut! Big hearty chunks that you can't miss. Mouthfuls of delicious flavors making your entire morning worth it. Now I haven't had the sandwiches yet, but I hear that they are just as good as the regular bagels. I can't honestly imagine them being anything short of amazing, as it seems to me that Bullfrog is all about the fresh. So, I conclude with this: If you're looking for a high quality bagel, and have been disappointed time and time again, it's time to visit the Bullfrog! Have you ever been??? Comment below and tell me what YOU think!! Any other yummy bagels around to try?? Can't wait to hear from you!

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