What To Do When You Are Skunked

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Although the thought of skunks repulses many people, they are actually beautiful creatures and cause little harm other than digging. The only thing that really makes them a pest is the distinctive stench they can unleash when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, that smell is a serious problem for homeowners, so you need to take steps to discourage skunks from taking up residence near your home. If one already lives too closely, you can have it removed humanely.


Skunks are like other wild creatures: they seek food and shelter. As a result, the space under your home's porch or deck may seem like a dream house to them. If you tend to leave food outdoors or in easy-to-access trash bins, the skunk's life will be complete. If you want to deter skunks, you need to use mesh fencing to block off the open spaces under your deck or on the side of your house. Then consider building a small enclosure to hold your trash cans. These steps will help you keep other pests away as well, such as stray cats, dogs, and raccoons.

Skunks are great at eating insects and grubs, a benefit for you, but since they can carry diseasesand spread them to your pets, you should try and reduce their food source. Keep the moisture level around your home down since insects thrive in a damp environment.


As long as you leave the skunk alone, it won't attack, so you have time for it to be humanely removed. Do not try and poison it or shoot it. If you have some trapping skills and can handle the potential of being sprayed by a skunk, you can try to capture the skunk yourself. In most instances, you will be better served by calling in a professional. You can call a pest control company or a wildlife specialist who will trap the skunk and release it into the wild, far from your home. Although you may think being sprayed by a skunk is humorous when it happens to someone else, you won't find it amusing if it happens to you. The smell is overwhelming and difficult to remove. You may need to miss work and spend time isolated from your disgusted loved ones.

Skunks don't look very threatening, but their defense mechanism can be a big problem for you and your family. Even if you do not get sprayed by one, simply having one "let go" near your home can make the area temporarily unlivable. Work on preventative measures and call for help if a black and white cat-like creature shows up at your home.

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