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Innovation means value. And nothing was more important to us than delivering unparalleled value into your life. Our goal is to bring you the power of access, exclusivity, and freedom in the way you connect with your world. Power generated on building trusting relationships. Oprent provides you the opportunity to source, connect and gain easy access to valuable resources wherever you are. Discover new ways to profit from the world's most underused assets—including your own. Possessions won't get you anywhere in this new digital age. As the need for ownership slackens, it is vital for you to upgrade your accessibility. We are offering you a future built on easy access, allowing you the freedom to capitalize on a galaxy of goods and services while sharing your own. Using Oprent will bring new value to your life, helping to forge a new community of like-minded entrepreneurs you can rely on—and who can rely on you. Oprent's outsourcing model ensures a simpler means of exchange where goods and services are traded from one pairs of hands to the next, making bulk and trash a thing of the past. Everything is within your reach, allowing you to access whatever you need without adding clutter to your personal space. Spring-cleaning all year round. Not all your assets are useful all the time. Finally you can utilize your most prized possessions at your own convenience. Outsource and borrow whenever you need to the most. And you can rest assured that all Oprent products are screened and evaluated, ensuring your access to valuables of the highest quality. A meaningful relationship must be built out of trust and mutual respect. That's why you will maintain total control over who you share your products with. We have a zero tolerance policy on those who mistreat or damage your valuables. We'd like to guarantee you the safety and security that comes with any meaningful new bond. Your assets should always be in good hands. Every day, our resources continue to deplete. The consumer culture that evolved from ownership has made us greedy and reckless, resulting in catastrophic damage to the environment. That's why we at Oprent aim to design a new world based on sharing resources and recycling assets for long-term use. It's time we started thinking about a responsible model of exchange. It's so difficult keeping up with an always-changing global marketplace. But don't sweat it. We have our fingers on the pulse of social and economic progress. See, entrepreneurship used to be exclusive to elites. By granting you the ability to monetize your assets at your own pace and on your own terms, Oprent empowers you to transform yourself into a world-class Rentrepreneur without ever leaving your home. Ownership results from a one-time transaction. Access results from your willingness to monetize your most prized possessions and discover new value in all your assets. The sooner you embrace this new model of exchange, the sooner you can watch your value grow before the rest of the world catches up. Oprent is a smart new way to add value to your life. Millions around the world are backing up their money, music, and memories into online databases and sharing them with their peers. We're just trying to keep up with the times. This is not a revolution—this is evolution. We're looking toward a new world ruled by freedom and accessibility for all. And we'd like you to be apart of it. "Claim Your Exclusive Spot NOW"

Noah R

New York, New York, United States •

After receiving a B.A. in Film Production from Hofstra University, I spent years honing my screenwriting skills before transitioning into internet marketing copy in 2012. My unconventional writing background has proven invaluable, as I can easily adapt my talents and skills to whatever project I'm working on, whether it's a video sales letter for a health supplement or a feature-length documentary about the corporate world. When you hire me, you will receive outstanding results with an edge in the voice not found in other copywriters who came into the industry through a more traditional path. I'm looking forward to working with you.

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