Web Content Tips to Strike the Perfect Balance With Your Audience

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Ever wonder why some brands are so popular on social media? It seems as though everything they post goes viral with little effort or strategic consideration. However, many of these brands probably do have an underlying strategy — or at least a loose set of rules they follow to stay relevant and intriguing. Lucky for us, Mind Development and Design outline a few of these web content tips in their infographic on creating the “perfect brew” for your brand.

1. Keep an Eye on the News

While evergreen content is immensely valuable, you want to balance it with small amounts of current content. Depending on your product or service, timely content may even outperform your evergreen content, which can be read at any time of year without urgency. Don’t miss out on opportunities to tie trending news into your brand content — utilize SEO and share posts on social media to show readers that your brand is the place to go for current industry news.

2. Explain Features and Benefits

It’s easy to list your features outright, as you know your product inside and out. You know how it works and how customers can make use of it in their lives. Benefits however, are often explained in far less detail, leaving customers uncertain aboutwhy they should make a purchase. Benefits reveal why your customers need a product, while features simply discuss what the product does. By delving into benefits, your content becomes personalized.

3. Fontification

A frequently overlooked factor in web design and content marketing is font. Studies show that larger fonts tend to impact the emotional brain differently than smaller ones. Not only is this significant, but also the style, color, and placement of words on your website. Having a font that is too light to read or very small can cause readers to strain their eyes, ultimately leading to higher bounce rates. Fonts are a simple fix that can make a world of difference.

4. Facts Over Opinion

It’s always nice to read an opinion piece — when you happen to agree with the person who wrote it. In content marketing, you don’t want to be so opinionated that you isolate or insult a certain demographic. In general, readers will find both your content and your brand more reputable if you aim for objectivity and research-based evidence.

5. Write for Your Audience

This is a seemingly obvious rule, yet it’s easy to screw up. As the creator of a product or service, getting in the minds of your audience may not be immediately doable. Unless you were inspired to create a product by your own feeling of need or lack, you must do extensive research to determine why your audience needs your product. Addressing your audience directly instead of speaking in third-person point-of-view causes people to feel more involved, and thus more willing to listen.

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