Ways to Exercise in the Dog Days of Summer

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No matter where you live, there is a time of year that conjures up thoughts of oppressive heat and humidity, making us all feel a bit lethargic. Question is, when the summer heat feels like it's draining every ounce of energy you have, how do you find the motivation to get moving? Here are some ideas that will hopefully keep you on track with your fitness program. If you normally exercise in the comfort of a climate controlled indoor gym, great; but don't be surprised if all of a sudden everyone else has the idea of coming in from the heat too. All of a sudden, you find yourself waiting your turn for the machines and spending more time standing around than actually exercising. Does your gym have an indoor track? Even just speed walking will help you stay on course with your exercise program; remember, it doesn't always have to be weights and machines. If you have access to a pool, at the gym or otherwise, swimming is a fabulous way to both beat the heat and burn calories. Swimming uses all the main muscle groups and is a great total body workout. You'll find that many public pools will designate an area just for lap swim so you're not competing with the kids and families cooling off. If you absolutely must get your exercise outdoors, whether you're a runner or a walker, be sure to do it in the early morning or in the evening when the weather is cooler. Remember, regardless of the time you choose, it's always important to stay hydrated as well. It may feel 'cooler', but it's still quite warm, especially once you've raised your heartbeat and worked up a sweat. Keep in mind that even things like mowing your grass can give you quite a workout and should be avoided during those high heat hours. Have a few workout DVD's that haven't been used in a while? Now is the time to break them out; anything that you can do in the comfort of your own home will help keep you safely out of the heat. Whether it's a dance program that will have you burning calories or something a bit more intense like P90x, it's time to dust them off and get moving. So while we may be in the dog days of summer, there shouldn't be any excuses for allowing your exercise regimen to slide. Get creative and come up with your own ideas as well!

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