Visiting Israel - History, Culture, and Cuisine

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This month on the blog we're featuring Israel. It's a country with two Blacklane serviced cities – the lively seaside city of Tel Aviv and the religious center of Jerusalem. We often hear more about Israel in the news than in conversation about tourism, but to overlook the country's diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering cuisine is to do it a disservice. Days in the Mediterranean gem of Tel Aviv are best spent relaxing on the beach. Our drivers are available to whisk you away to Hof HaTzuk in the north, or you could visit the famous (and very popular!) Metzitzim, made famous via the eponymous film in the 70s. Banana Beach is the place to be for a lazy sunset cocktail before dinner at one of many world-class restaurants, or an evening lapping up Tel Aviv's nightlife. Tel Aviv is truly the party hotspot of the Middle East, with something for everyone. A thriving gay and lesbian scene, huge clubs to satisfy those with a craving for beats, upmarket cocktail and wine bars, and all stops in between. Israelis like to party late, with many spots not heating up until the early hours of the morning! Jerusalem is a city of great importance to people of the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths alike. Its history stretches back thousands of years, and you'll feel immersed in it when visiting the Wailing Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Dome on the Rock. Just over an hour from Jerusalem you can experience the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea. At 422 meters below sea level it's the lowest point on earth, and you'll float in the water due to its high salt content. You can even give yourself an all-over mineral rich mud mask – no day spa necessary! Avoid the packed buses and book a Blacklane chauffeur to get you there and back in comfort. Israeli food is a delicious melange of North African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisines. You can't not try shakshuka for breakfast – baked eggs in a garlicky tomato sauce, best washed down with a fresh pomegranate juice or frosty mint lemonade. There's no such thing as too much hummous and falafel, which you'll find on every corner. As for the sweets… never say no to an offering of baklava or kanafeh! Have you visited Israel before? We'd love to hear all about the highlights of your trip!

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