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In the present age of ultramodern technology, new business capabilities are evolving rapidly making an online presence a necessity. Today no other Internet based terrain is as popular as Google which had gone way ahead of being a mere search engine. The latest and the most terrific social network offered by this company is Google+. This social networking site is extremely user friendly and can be easily used once you know the basic methods of accessing its various faculties. The main goal of Google+ is not just social networking, its aims at providing the scenery of e-commerce by creating a concurrent, converged and extremely versatile marketing backdrop.

Using Google+ involves four very easy steps –

  1. Select a Gmail account

If you are using Google+ for commercial purposes, it is advised not to use a pre-existing personal account. You can use an account that is accessible by several members of your association such as Google+ does not have as sophisticated administrative abilities as Facebook, so a page can have only one administrator.

  1. Create a page using your account

Click the "Create" option and follow the steps. This feature is very much like Facebook. All you have to do is to select the most appropriate option considering your company's necessities. The options provided are-

Local Business or place

Product or Brand

Company, Institution or Organization

Arts, Entertainment or Sports


Select your option and fill in the details i.e. the name of your page, the URL of your website, the category of business your company deals in, and classification of the content your page involves.

  1. Customizing and promotion

Now customize your profile i.e. your tag line and an image. Make sure your tag line is catchy so that your business peaks up and it would be advised to upload your company logo as the image for the page. Now is the point of promoting your company. Customize your page and share some updates before you officially publish your website. Optimize the page and update few links providing valuable information.

  1. Proper designing of page

Your page should be designed in such a way that the people visiting your page for the first time get proper and adequate information without being too messed up. Keep it immaculate, proficient and unswerving and keep away from loud graphics and ambiguous texts. Try installing the Direct Connect Code so as to inflate your SEO Options. It is a very effective tool in publicizing Brand Pages and helps improve your web traffic and ranking. Although Google+ alone is veryeffective in promoting your company, you need to spend some extra time in modifying the page and promote yourself.

  1. Adding people to your circle

Your contact list on Google+ includes various circles. You can create your own circles and add whoever you want to. You can also remove them whenever you want. Adding someone to your circle enables the person to view your updates and uploaded photos and videos.

Google+ and promotion go hand in hand while getting the most out of the available resources. Internet has always been a very valuable and fruitful method of marketing. Google+ promotes the companies extensively and makes companies successful and easily available to everyone.

Shalini C

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India •

Shalini is a freelance author with over 2 years of experience in content writing. She has written in varying topics but her specialty lies in educational and review topics. She is dedicated and takes the task at hand seriously. She is always ready to learn new things and believes in extensive research before penning down ideas. She is very fluent in English and has a good command over vocabulary and grammar. She has completed Masters in Science in Human Genetics and has authored few Research papers and reviews also.

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