Urban Decay's Electric Palette Delivers Bold Colors

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The Urban Decay Electric palette is an eye shadow line that prides itself on bold colors for an edgy and unique look: and it delivers! Each shade is highly saturated, giving bright pigments for serious intensity. This ten shade palette introduces highly pigmented colors using a long-lasting, smooth formula and a variety of different finishes—from matte to shimmer. The texture of the shadows is velvety and smooth. It also comes with a handy application tool which has two brush sizes for a variety of different looks. Cover large areas or create fine lines, and blend. The possibilities are endless with this palette: create a personalized look that friends will envy. These colors come in a sturdy case with a colorful design that mimics the shades hidden within. The extra-large mirror is a big plus!

Urban Decay's high-quality products continue to impress, and their Electric palette is no exception. This is a stand-up set of shadows that offers versatility without sacrificing quality. The colors are bold and unique, and the cruelty-free guarantee is a definite plus. If you are looking for a bold and unique palette with highly-pigmented colors, the Electric palette is definitely for you! Experiment with pairing, mixing, and blending colors with this versatile palette.

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