Two reasons why getting married helps your car insurance premiums

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When you're reading up on how to decrease the amount you pay for car insurance each month, you may think it's unfair that insurance companies seem biased against certain demographics. And while younger people, males, and unmarried individuals do seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to affordable premiums, it's not because the car insurance company is bigoted; it's simply because the survival of an insurance company depends on statistics. Here are two reasons that getting married makes you a better car insurance customer.

1. The car insurance company expects you to "settle down"

Although not every married couple is planning to settle down and start a family, there are plenty who do, and married people tend to lead less risky lives overall and engage in risky driving habits less often. So statistically speaking, once you join the club of married people, you get put in the "less risky customer" box; the insurance company will see you as a more highly preferred customer because you're less likely to cost the business a lot of money.

2. Getting married may mean you have more cars to insure

It's quite likely that you and your spouse don't both have the same car insurance company (or didn't before you were married, at least). So when you're getting married, you might consider combining your insurance policies with whichever company offers the better multi-car rate. This can mean that your insurance company will either get more of your business (if they have a good multi-car option) or lose your business altogether, which gives them an incentive to offer a good bargain for multi-car policies. As you can see, the better rates available to married couples (and other people with multiple cars) are simply the result of business decisions on the part of the insurance company.

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