Travelling With Your Partner

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So the courting has been done and the honeymoon stage is officially over. You've discovered his authentic home Thai cooking is actually Golden Mai Thai down the road, and he's clued on to your "just woke up face" really meaning "I've spent an hour in front of the mirror whilst you were still asleep" face. Ahhhhh new love! You're not quite finishing each other sentences, but you're definitely comfortable enough to wear your daggiest trackies all weekend, or eat that last piece of pizza in front of them if you really want to. You are totally Facebook official and you've even met each other's friends and family (even crazy cross-dressing Uncle Sam, who goes under Samantha these days). What better way to cement the relationship but plan an overseas trip of a lifetime together?! It's often said that travelling with your partner can either make or break a relationship. Throw in living in each other's pockets 24/7, coupled with jetlag, stress and lack of sleep and this can easily become a recipe for attempted murder, I mean oops, relationship disaster. Don't fear. There are certain things you can do to ensure your dreamy twosome remains as such and you two lovebirds return from your adventure even more in love than when you left. Follow our top six tips to ensure your romance survives. Sorry to get all grown up on you, but researching and planning really are important (I know right, mind blow!). Travelling itself is stressful and it really is essential to make sure your visas are organised, your hotels are booked and you've covered any language or cultural differences that might become an issue. By researching and planning as much as possible beforehand you can minimise the chance of pulling your hair out and wanting to pull your significant others out too. I don't know about you, but personally I'd prefer other stresses to be the cause of my early onset of wrinkles, rather than the holiday I'm supposed to be enjoying. Compromise - I know I'm being a kill-joy here, but when planning your itinerary you really do need to be considerate of each other and take into account what the other person really wants to see or visit. If your partner has been dreaming of seeing a matador in Spain since the age of five, but you'd much rather relax with a bottle of wine and pizza in Italy than you really need to compromise here. Besides don't forget - you can always come back! Give each other space - You don't live in each other's pockets 24 hours a day at home, so why would you when you're travelling overseas? Chances are you might be more interested in seeing St Peter's Basilica and Vatican City in Rome but your partner might be more interested in eating at a famous "Aperitif" Bars for free. Even if you just take an hour each day to do something separately it could go a long way in keeping yourselves sane and still in a relationship. The habits and idiosyncrasies that you used to find endearing can quickly irritate the bee-jezuz out of you on a 10-hour train ride after too many tequila shots and lack of sleep from the night before. Take some time to remember why you used to find these adorable, and if that doesn't work let your partner know that you're feeling irritable today and it's nothing personal. Then chuck your earphones back in, or have a nap. That freaking weird noise they make with their throat won't annoy you if you can't hear it. Keep your sense of humour - things are going to go wrong! No matter how much time and thought you've put into it or how organised you are, things are just not always going to go to plan. Luggage might get lost, you might miss a flight, and your taxi driver might take you to the wrong side of the city and leave you there. I know it's tempting but having a tantrum and kicking and screaming the ground whilst simultaneously yelling at your other half, just makes you look like a deranged crazy person. Unless your intention really is to become a crazy old lady/man with only your 27 cats to keep you company, we suggest you dust yourself off, pick yourself up and have a laugh. It'll be ok. You'll sort it out. Together.​ Lastly, don't forget to take time for the romance! The best thing about being on the other side of the world together is that you can do totally lame stuff like staring into each other's eyes on a gondola in Venice, or declare your love for each other while attempting bad French in front of the Eiffel Tower, and seriously no one will be the wiser. Go for it I say. I won't tell if you don't.

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