Transplants That Need No Immunodepressants

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A Revolutionary Invention

For the first time in history, Genetoo has patented a process to build medical substrates that prevent bacteria from adhering to them. In short, they have made matter bacteriaphobic. How important this patent is cannot be overemphasized as it will alleviate one of the largest problems in biomedical science and biomechanical medicine. That problem being the infection rate of the implanted artificial limb or joint.

Genetoo Inc.

To this day and time, medical doctors gave immune suppressing drugs to their patients receiving artificial implants. The reason was due to how the body treated the implant. It treated that implant as an infection itself as it was completely unknown to it. Beyond that, although the implants were all sterilized, bacteria had been known to adhere to it, and thus create infection in the patient. Those infections became life-threatening since the patient's immune system has already been intentionally compromised by the drugs.

With our staff of PhDs, MDs, and help from NASA-developed technology, we at Genetoo have patented a process that will enable medical doctors to avoid that issue entirely. Our patented process prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of that implant thus avoiding any infection issue in the patient. They will no longer need the drugs, and will recover from their operations far faster than before. That means those artificial implants can also be given to patients who are not in perfect health thus improving the lives of far more people.

The Process

It was a simple matter of manipulating matter. If you wish to learn more about the process and the technology involved, contact us.

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