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In today's business world, the company with an online presence is quickly becoming the business model of choice. With the change in business environment comes a change in business strategy. One of the most important strategies any business must develop is a marketing strategy. Companies are learning that the Internet is a valuable and necessary tool not only for buying and selling, but also for gaining new customers and staying in contact with current customers. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses reassess and readdress their marketing strategies to encompass tactics to aid in online success. While some of the traditional means of marketing may still apply in an online world, businesses must understand that, like languages, sometimes meaning gets lost in translation. Therefore, it is imperative to not only examine traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, surveys, ad placement in various mass media and demographic assessment and alignment, but to consider these strategies in a technological light and research any new opportunities that were not present before the advent of the Internet. The Internet is the new mass medium of choice for advertisers, marketers, and public relations professionals. Information used by these professions to assess target markets is now easily attainable via online databases from various sources such as social media sites (Facebook, Twitter), auction houses (craigslist, E-bay), online job search engines (, and a host of other sources that collect registrations in exchange for the ability of the consumer to attain products or services with the touch of a button.

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Communications professor and expert with over 10 years teaching at the college level. I have a strong background in PR and Marketing. Additionally, I currently working to get my first book published as well as developing a course to help people change a negative communication behavior to a positive behavior. In addition to communication, I am also considered a subject matter expert in fitness in some arenas, and have extensive dance experience as well as a solid martial arts background. And on the rare occasion that time permits, I LOVE playing tenor sax and writing or playing music on my keyboards and other various instruments.
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