Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles You Can S.I.Y.: Sew It Yourself

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Websites like Pinterest have inspired a "do-it-yourself" attitude among the young, twenty-somethings with a never before seen. D.I.Y. weddings are at the forefront of the movement, so S.I.Y. (sew-it-yourself) wedding dresses are bound to follow.Thanks to Pinterest, hipsters, and a tepid economy, D.I.Y. weddings are all the rage. Despite the cut-rate costs of hosting a DIY wedding, they generally turn out just as beautiful and far more personal than the traditional budget-busting kind. But why stop at party favors and flower arrangements? If you dream of a D.I.Y. wedding from the save-the-dates to the final thank you cards, why not take your favorite part of the event — the dress — and S.I.Y., or sew-it-yourself. It may seem daunting to take on such a complicated garment, but even moderately-experienced needleworkers can make their own gown with a few tricks and YouTube videos. Here are some of the most popular wedding dress styles that are fully S.I.Y.-able.

1. Simple Yet Elegant

Small details make all the difference in a handmade wedding gown — just one or two can make the dress feel unique while keeping construction relatively simple. The perfect spartan summer frock has unfussy lines, a full length and an elegant knotted bodice. An empire waist is complementary on smaller busts or pear-shaped ladies and it provides just the slightest whiff of old-fashioned charm, like something out of a Jane Austen novel. Combine it with sleeveless straps and a deep V-neck and you'll look great and keep cool in the most humid environments.

2. A Boho Beauty

If you've already brewed your own beer, carved stamps to ink the placemats and picked wildflowers by hand for your bouquet, just seal the bohemian deal by wearing a relaxed fit tea-length wedding dress for your easy breezy vow exchange. A drop-waist gown with baggy bodice is flattering on just about everybody, while a few carefully placed playful ruffles along the V-neck draw eyes upward. This dress style is ideal for nervous seamstresses since it's essentially as complicated as making a sandwich.

3. Vintage Lace

What is it about 1920s fashion that's so effortlessly chic? Is it the balanced proportions, long sleeves and miniskirts? Whatever your reasons for adoring the roaring '20s, a short vintage lace dress is perfect for saying, "I do" and then dancing the night away. Keep the silhouette loose, the hemline high and the edges scalloped for authenticity and femininity.

4. The Traditional Minimalist

You've dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl, so nothing but a classic, elegant and timeless satin floor-length gown will do. If you want those wedding photos to look as posh 20 years from now as they do on the big day, your best option is something traditional and minimal, like a figure-hugging A-line dress with princess seams and a cowl neck. Tack on an extended train and fabric-covered buttons for a faux corset-like back and you have an instant classic you can pass on to your children.

5. A Disney Ball Gown

Half of what makes weddings so thrilling is the fantasy element, so it makes sense that so many women dream of wearing a bouffant ball gown like animated royalty. To S.I.Y. this look easily, opt for tiers of tulle or taffeta instead of one full skirt that may require a bit more technical skill. Most voluminous ball gowns offer strapless bodices to balance out the bottom half. You'll need to fit and re-fit this design until it sits perfectly snug so there's no embarrassing slippage in the aisle or after the ceremony. Sewing your own wedding dress from scratch is a massive undertaking no matter how you slice it. Make your job a little easier by starting from a pattern and adjusting to suit your tastes. You can find patterns for the above styles at Burda Style, but Vogue, McCall's and Butterick. Remember, the biggest day of your life doesn't have to be the most expensive to be the most special. Decrease costs and increase individuality by sewing it yourself.

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