Top 5 Jets for Business Travel

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As I sat down for a chat with executives from some of the top aircraft manufacturers, brokerage firms, and charter companies, one thing that really became clear is that regardless of what type of client they represented or how large a budget they had, most corporate customers are looking for the same things when it comes to purchasing a jet. Taking into account that most business travelers are seeking long range, mid to heavy jets capable of increasing productivity on the go, we analyzed the top performers in the marketplace in order to determine the best of the best when it came to versatile jets that meet the needs of the traveling executive. "I want an aircraft that can go anywhere," says Andrew Collins, President of Sentient Jets, "I don't want to have to stop." The top dog at one of the world's largest charter firms serves an excess of 4000 clients globally and has a pretty intimate understanding of what his clients are looking for. Despite most companies hiring a trusted acquisition agent to help procure new jets, the decision makers in the boardroom like to have a certain amount of control over what they buy. "It's like a kid going into a candy store and have a candy, ​buyer. They (the decision maker) want to go buy their new toy or candy themselves" says Alexander Janus, Vice President at Global Jet Sales, one of the world's top acquisition agencies. With so many mid to heavy jets on the market, and JamesEdition being an epicenter for acquisitions, we thought we'd break down the top five jets that companies should consider for business travel. (Read more...)

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