Top 5 CBD Oil Manufacturers to Expect Good Things From in 2022

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Top 5 CBD Oil Manufacturers to Expect Good Things From in 2022

CBD-infused products are taking over the wellness industry by storm. A recent survey by Gallup shows that 14% of Americans have at least tried a CBD product. 40% of the surveyed people take CBD to ease pain while 20% use CBD to manage anxiety.

There is more to it. The survey notes that CBD usage has more prevalence among the youth. 8% of the older population aged 65 and above report using CBD at some point in their life. 49% don't even understand what CBD is; they often mistake it for marijuana.

From these statistics, CBD usage will not decline soon, especially since the younger generation makes up the biggest part of the population. We expect more CBD oil manufacturers to join the industry. But who is worth your time and money? Which CBD oil company guarantees high-quality, well-balanced products? Watch out for these five CBD oil brands.

1. Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals is a go-to CBD oil brand if you're after quality aesthetics. For instance, lower doses of their products work better, giving the company a competitive edge over its competitors. They also give detailed product descriptions on their site. This includes testing reports from third-part labs and regulators. Moreover, the brand has one of the best extraction and purification standards to retain the benefits of natural terpenes. Every product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, in case they don't match your expectations.

2. Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird botanicals offer the best-priced CBD products in the market. Their CBD oil price ranged between $27.95 and $219.5 for 30ml to 60ml bottles. The CBD content per bottle is about 250mg to 1,500mg. Bluebird's CBD products include broad and full-spectrum. The company has been around since 2012, gaining a lot of credibility from consumers. For instance, customer reviews indicate the brand's customer service team is pretty accessible and responsive. Bluebird gives detailed reports on all its products.

3. Spruce CBD

Spruce is one of the best CBD oil manufacturers to watch out for in 2021. Although their products are pricier than other CBD oil brands, they are quite effective. The company leverages the novel "moonshine" technology for CBD extracts. The brand's website is simple and intuitive for CBD users. The layout is attractive and uncluttered to improve your shopping experience. Moreover, you can access live customer service agents with one click.

4. cbdMD

cbdMD offers the highest concentration among all CBD oil manufacturers. You should consider cbdMD if you want potent CBD doses at relatively affordable rates. The brand's 30ml CBD Oil bottle comes with a concentration of 7500mg. The company's site is remarkably intuitive and provided informative content for new CBD users. This brand runs all its products through SC laboratories, one of the industry's leading independent labs. Click here for more information on CBD oil and learn how products undergo third-party testing.

5. Medterra

Medterra ranks among this list, thanks to the many positive customer reviews it receives, surpassing 5,000. Besides their relatively affordable products, the brand includes easily accessible brand report links on their site. The brand's offerings include ultra broad-spectrum CBD oil and immune boost CBD oil. The former has the greatest cannabinoid profile.

Do Your Research Before Purchasing CBD Products

This is just a sneak peek into the top CBD oil manufacturers you can trust. In reality, there are hundreds of CBD oil brands out there claiming to offer quality. Thus, it helps if you do in-depth research before trusting any of them. Find more articles on this site to learn about therapeutic CBD uses and their effects.

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