Top 4 Tips to Jumpstart Brain Performance

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Simple activities can make a big difference in our brain performance and mental health. Science has disproved the myth that humans only use 10 percent of their brain and poured cold water on the belief that brains stay stagnate or decayinto adulthood. This means there are enormous opportunities to train our brains to make us smarter and happier than we are today. Following any one of these four tips will net you big gains in brain performance, as long as you make them a habit.

1. Brain App: Lumosity

Lumosity is an app that can keep an individual's mind in superior condition. The program first analyzes the user's mental capacity and then generates several mini-exercises for the individual to do on a daily basis. These brain games are aimed at improving various cognitive functions like memory-recall and logic. An entire round of exercises takes about five minutes to complete, making it ideal for those with little free time.

2. Supplements: Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Fish Oil

Acetyl-L-Carnitine and fish oil are supplements have proven to boost memory and cognitive skills. They have also been known to increase focus and lower stress levels. Alone, Acetyl-L-Carnitine hasbeen shown to assist individuals with ADHD while fish oil has been linked to enhancing the functions of the nervous system. It is recommended to use both supplements together, as they have complementing qualities that are useful for sustaining brain performance.

3. Lifestyle: Meditation Through Listening

Countless medical studies have found meditation to boost a host of brain functions and aid in decreasing stress and increasing happiness. One of the most difficult goals of meditation is maintaining a clear state of mind. It can take more patience than we typically exercise in our lives, which can discourage beginners. Many find the practice easier by listening to meditation apps and programs, which help meditators learn the practice with less frustration and self-doubt. For an effective app, check Free Your Mind. There are also great podcasts that offer instructional guided meditations, like Mediation Oasis and Thought Coach.

4. Exercise Increases Brain Connectivity

Exercise may seem like a mindless physical activity, but intense anaerobic and aerobic workouts offer numerous benefits to the brain. The mind actually undergoes physical and structural changes after repeated physical activity. This can increase brain connectivity, memory and even overall happiness. It also offers a welcome break from intense mental activity brought on by a busy lifestyle. Working out your brain does not have to be exhausting. Find the right tools for your lifestyle. No two brains are wired exactly the same, which means you'll need to experiment to see what works best.Which methods above have you tried? Share your experience with us.

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