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Subscription-clothing stores seek to alleviate the confusion of online shopping and avoid the crowds of shopping malls. Check out these great alternative men's clothing stores. Crowded stores, pushy salespeople and degrading fitting room lighting are some of the best reasons to search for an alternative way to outfit a wardrobe. Still, questions like, "What's cool?" and "What fits?" plague plenty of men who venture online instead. That's precisely why subscription-clothing services began, and they are flourishing--they offer you everything from a personal stylist to hassle-free returns. As in all things, the cream rises to the top, and the following popular options prove traditional in-store shopping is for suckers.

The Top Spot

Trunk Club offers dudes a bevy of perks you won't find in a mall, including free shipping both ways (in the event you don't like your options), a committed personal stylist (a real human you can talk to via text, email, phone or app) and no forced monthly subscription. It's this final detail that's noteworthy, as many shipping plans demand the user cancel within the first few days of a month or get charged, regardless of whether they purchase a box of duds. The service works hard to provide personalized attention combined with seriously high quality clothing that fits right and impresses, the only drawback, according to users, is the steep price. Bargain basement shoppers likely won't give in, even with the mega-advantages of quality, fashion expertise and speediness.

Steep Competition

Also boasting gratis two-way shipping and free home try-ons is Frank and Oak. But in order to cater to the 99 percent, they also offer special cash-back bonuses and other monthly incentives. Part clothing catalogue and part lifestyle mag, the company showcases seasonal lookbooks in lieu of personal stylists and lets the user choose three items to try on and potentially buy each month. Yes, it's each month. Users commit to the subscription and must cancel within the first five days to avoid a charge (maintained as store credit). Fortunately, Frank and Oak is far more affordable than its more upscale counterpart, Trunk Club.

Best Value

Though the advertising mocks their very under the radar status, the Five Four Club is gaining ground thanks to monthly flat rate boxes featuring two to three pieces of diverse clothing (based on your style) valued at twice the purchase price. The club is further distinguished by promising no more than 60 seconds of shopping, a significant allure for many. Providing streamlined, no-nonsense quality clothes at reasonable prices, the Five Four Club is the ideal option for guys who don't care about brands and just want to be done with it already. The stereotype that men hate shopping has long been busted, but plenty of guys would still rather avoid the chore altogether. Even if you don't loathe the process, knowing what fits, is on-trend and event appropriate requires a keen eye, one that can now be had as a complimentary feature of a subscription plan. Photo Credit: Robert Sheie

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