Tips to Maintain a Comfortable, Intimate Atmosphere In An Open-Plan Office

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Open concept offices have been growing in popularity over recent years, and it's not difficult to see why; they're the optimal setup for communication and positive socialization that every workplace aspires to achieve. It's part of a larger movement; from coffee shops to restaurants to interior home design, it seems that open floor plan design is here to stay.

Broad design is all well and good, but we know what you're thinking; how on Earth can you keep an open design personal and most of all, comfortable for both you and your employees? Check out these three design and styling tips to keep your office open, engaging, and functional.


Noise Reduction: This aspect of an open floor plan might just be the most important. A loud, unbalanced office space places undue stress on your employees, and lowers the appeal of the entire work space. Consider carpeting, removable partitions, and sectioned-off, more enclosed common areas for employee use.


Appealing Layout: Pay attention to the way your employees work together in the office, and plan out the office accordingly. maintains that it's important to monitor employees' habits when it comes to floor plan design. Cubicles may not be in fashion anymore, but this opens up new ideas for the work space; an aesthetic and well-planned office space will do a lot for the open floor plans.


Appropriate Furniture: An open plan office needs furniture that's modern and good quality, that blends well with the rest of the work space, and that breaks up the bland white walls. A new, open plan for your office needs furniture that will make an impact, so pay close attention to the design of your new space. Check out Strong Project for modern, executive furniture.

There are a myriad of alterations you can make to an open floor plan that will keep it interesting, fresh, and new. Keep these tips in mind when you're planning your new office, and you'll have an updated, professional new look. See how well an open floor plan can work for you office, today!

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