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With app downloads at an ** all-time high, users are settling into their favorites. Learn how to stay current and maximize your app's user base.**

The mobile app market is exploding, with an expected 102 billion downloads this year alone. Projected revenue should top $26 billion, according to leading research firm Gartner. Unfortunately, businesses will likely drop just as quickly, as people stop toying with their latest gadgets and settle into the downloads they really like. How will developers manage the flux in business and, more importantly, how will they maximize the downloads they do have to fuel greater profits?

Studying Current App Use

Gartner found that over 90 percent of the applications currently in use began as free downloads. That puts a premium on services and goods that users can purchase inside applications or on ad programs that can be used inside apps to create a revenue source. Because of this, the potential to create a loyal application user can't be ignored. It's not just about pleasing people enough to take advantage of your next product. It's also about creating ongoing income through each and every download. A study published by mobile analytics firm Localytics takes a close look at user loyalty and the types of apps that enjoy the most regular use. First, they found that today, iPhone and iPad users are more active when it comes to putting mobile apps to use. That's true whether you're doing work outside of the office or looking up reviews for your favorite band's new CD. Apple users download more apps and use those apps more often. One might assume this is because there are simply more mobile apps made for Apple products -- or more apps for Apple that work well. This could change in the future as Android or Blackberry users become better accustomed to using applications, for instance, or it may be a sign that Apple devices encourage or make it easier to use these apps. Localytics also discovered that certain types of mobile applications are much more likely to develop loyal followers. Nearly half of users reported using a news app, like the Wall Street Journal, regularly. Besides news, 33 to 38 percent of users were fans of sports, entertainment and gaming applications such as ESPN or theScore. E-commerce, planning and other lifestyle apps reported low use, with 30 percent of users opening apps in the category only a single instance.

Maximizing Profits by Retaining Users

Using these points, developers can create mobile applications with the elements most in demand. Introduce news gathering features , let users connect with entertainment, gamify your applications to encourage regular use and take a close look at how lifestyle applications can be made more enjoyable. When it comes to mobile resources, functionality doesn't seem to be as important as fun. Development companies can also tailor their choices to the formats, pricing structures and ad options that suit current trends. This will be essential to stay competitive in the future, not only to create a loyal fan base, but also as the expected drop-off in downloads arrives.  

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