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Why IPA?

It seems like eons ago when an IPA was a novel find at your local brewpub or beer specialty store. Now, a "stout" India Pale Ale is as easy to find as Sam Adams in Boston. But to really appreciate the rise IPA takes some understanding of beer history.

India Pale Ales were heavily hopped and low-sugared pale ales created for export to India from the UK in the early 19th century. That was a journey of 5 months without refrigeration. Hops were added to beer not for its flavor but for its preservative qualities. Known since 1150, hops' preservative powers have been used for the better part of a millennium.

Over time, people came to enjoy the hoppy flavor - a resinous, piney note - in many of the common variety of hops. The signature flavor and high alcohol content - another buffer against buffeting seas - came to signify a true IPA.

So while a great IPA can definitely linger on the palate, remember that hops are an adulterant, not a core component of beer. Step out from under the hoppy oppression of your local beer aisle and try another style. You may come back to your hoppy goodness, but appreciate the great variety of beer that IPA were once meant to enhance, not mask.

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