The Value of Buying a Wordpress Theme

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The Value of Buying a Wordpress Theme

Wordpress is perhaps one of the most powerful and user-friendly information-management platforms available on the web today. Its can be outfitted with any number of designs, or themes, which give your site its specific feel. If you have a magazine, there are themes which will suit the content and mission of your publication. If you are planning a wedding, a premium design will welcome guests to your special day with love and care. Themes can come from the free repositories or you can use premium themes specially designed to meet specific needs. Premium Wordpress themes give a site a sense of uniqueness and professionalism which is lost when using the free themes.

While the free themes are user friendly to the site owner, they tend to give audiences a generic feel. When designs are free, they become ubiquitous and one site starts to look very much like the last. Students use free themes for class assignments and teens use them to blog. You want your project to pop out and grab your audience, so you need a theme which shows the care and attention it deserves. If you are trying to stand out on the web, you will need to upgrade to a premium theme such as our MH Magazine, CuckooBiz or Minimalist Masonry. You will find one of our themes which suits your design needs as well as fitting in your budget.

MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a perfect choice if you are looking for a platform to publish your new magazine. It allows you to customize the site with a two, or three-colum layout, a featured image with an informative text overlay, or a slider for hot stories you want to highlight for readers. Considering the power of this theme, it's amazing that it is offered at such a low price. When compared to free magazine-style themes, it is clear that spending less than $50 for a professional theme is a bargain which will pay off for you and the life of your publication.


If you have something to sell on the Internet, CuckooBiz is a theme you'll need. You can create a unique homepage which will give your front-door a look and feel which will draw your customers to you products. Plus, you don't have to be a world-class coder to implement an e-commerce solution. WooCommerce can be activated in a moment. With a free theme, e-commerce proprietors must wrangle with a myriad of help screens, computer codes, and endless troubleshooting. A premium theme optimized for e-commerce is what professionals need.

Minimalist Masonry

If you want a colorful, image-centric blog site which looks great on tablets and hand-held devices, Minimalist Masonry will present your work in style. The front page is comprised of attractive images from each post. The images reveal the author name and title of the post when the mouse moves over them. This sort of design appeals to the photographer and writer. One example featured excellent shots from surfing adventures which linked to beautiful prose about the waves that day. This might be a great theme for the outdoors adventurer, a designer, or the poet who loves to integrate images to her work.

Endless Possibilities

These are three examples from a multitude of possibilities. No matter what your specific goal is, premium Wordpress themes from Creative Market are sure to fit the bill. When you shop for themes, you can see how color schemes, background images, and other key design elements can be arranged to best suit the needs of your specific site. These elements can be changed at the click of a mouse, so there's no need for special training. If you are working with a web design or marketing professional, they can consult on how to approach this important decision. Keep in mind that the Wordpress platform will allow you to change themes later, when you desire to rebrand your business or project. Our inventory is growing all the time and themes are constantly being upgraded, keeping you on the cutting edge of the Internet.

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