The Internet and The Writer: A Revolution is Underway

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Just a few short years ago, if you were an aspiring author you needed an agent and a publisher. An agent that believed in your work and a publisher willing to invest in your work. This was your only affordable avenue to reach the millions of readers waiting with baited breath for your written prose. Fast forward only a few short years to the age of the Internet. Suddenly, anyone and everyone with a pen (excuse me, keyboard) can now publish their words their way. The internet has afforded the masses with the same opportunities that were afforded the masses some several hundred years ago with the invention of the printing press. Only our printing press is electronic and digital. And, as with any revolutionary event, there are casualties and catastrophes along the way. One of those casualties is the publishing industry itself. Thanks to the millions of Indie Authors publishing their works via Amazon and Createspace, margins (that pesky little bottom line that keeps publishing houses in business) are growing tighter by the day. After all, indie authors don't have excessive operating costs. In fact, most work from a small area at home, have very little marketing expense (because they typically do their own marketing), and aren't paying twenty or thirty editors, proofreaders and administrative people. Needless to say, the tension between Amazon and traditional publishing houses could be cut with a knife. There are all sorts of articles in publication examining the strong arm tactics of each entity. You have to realize, they are all in a battle for survival, and all second guessing the future landscape of the publishing industry. Caught in the middle are the millions of indie authors fighting for a chance to be heard. There will be a few winners and thousands of losers. It's a real revolution, with bloody battles yet to be fought. Stay tuned for the next chapter: How David Slew Goliath, or as it is most commonly referred to, Amazon VS. The Traditional Publishers. As I said, it's a bloody revolution.

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Natalie Vice is an author, blogger, and freelance writer serving the business and finance industries. As a professional writer, she provides blog posts and articles to the business, personal finance, and crypto industries. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is a Certified Business Blockchain Specialist. More information and samples of her work are available on her author site at, Amazon author page at, or here on Scripted under her writer profile.

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