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A lead generation team's job is simple: Create leads that that lead to sales. This, however, is far easier said than done. In order to structure the best possible lead generation team it's important to know exactly what each team member is supposed to do. However, depending on your specific product or service, the responsibilities and requirements for each position may be slightly different. It's hard to know what combination of skills you need to get the job done — that's why we've created a guide to hiring an ideal lead generation team.

Lead Generation Coordinator

This is a supervisory role — coordinators monitor the activities of early-stage lead generation executives whose task involves day-to-day interaction with potential customers. The ideal candidates for this team position are people early in their sales career — usually one or two years — with some experience in sales, prospecting or recruiting. They should have excellent communication and persuasion skills along with a charismatic personality. Ideal candidate : As a coordinator of the team, they should also have a competitive personality and a drive to achieve goals. This will push their team to make more contacts and leads. A positive attitude will also go a long way — as positive, happy people make for much more convincing sales representatives.

Marketing Automation Manager

The marketing automation manager is typically responsible for lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring. It is their job to create a sound marketing strategy that the lead generation team can use to create proper leads for the products or services in question. This includes creating marketing campaigns and components. Once the plan is created and implemented it will be this manager's job to analyze the findings and make any necessary changes. They should also make sure that marketing automation tools are utilized properly during the whole lead generation process. Ideal candidate : An automation manager candidate needs in-depth knowledge of marketing automation software, Salesforce automation software, database management, email marketing, list acquisition, website management — including basic HTML knowledge — and data analysis. This manager should also be technically savvy and have deep analytical skills.See also: Quick Guide: Content Automation Platforms

E-mail Marketing Manager

The email marketing manager is responsible for creating email marketing campaigns. It is their job to determine the proper target audience, devise a content campaign based on the audience and launch the email campaign. It is also their responsibility to proofread materials and make sure they're error-free. Ideal candidate : This manager should have knowledge of basic HTML and spreadsheet software, experience managing a team, marketing experience including analytics and reporting. They will also benefit from knowledge of analytical tools and databases. They'll also need to know how to plan and implement online marketing initiatives across various web platforms.See also: Email Marketing: How Much is Too Much for Your Readers?

Lead Generation Director

The lead generation director is usually responsible for holding the team together. Once the superiors decide what the target audience is, it is the director's job to develop and manage the prospect database. They should also create and manage partnerships with outside entities to generate the necessary leads. Ideal candidate : The director should be able to lead and manage a team, communicate effectively with their team and outside partners, and organize databases. They should also have knowledge of software like Excel and other data management systems. Lead generation isn't easy. That's why it requires a diverse pool of experts with their own specialties — whether that's in analytics, marketing or writing. Hiring that diverse lead generation team is crucial to growing your brand and maximizing your ROI.

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