The Evolution of Theme Park Technology: Disney’s Newest Wearable Tech – Magic Bands

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The Walt Disney World resort near Orlando, Florida has made great strides in incorporating technology into its flagship theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. This new technology will change the way guests ride rides, pay for purchases, and even get into their hotel rooms. For technology-focused guests, it provides cool gadgets that visitors can keep. These changes are in part because of Disney’s new Magic Bands, which are shown creatively on the company’s website as well as on new TV commercials. MagicBands are wearable bracelets that replace park tickets and resort room keys. Guests just have to have the bracelet scanned by the front of the park or the hotel room door. They’re even waterproof, so they won’t get damaged if you plan on going to one of their water parks or for a dip in the resort pool. Magic Bands hold Fast Passes that can be booked several months in advance. This means you can secure that Fast Pass for your favorite ride now from the MyDisney app on your smartphone for your vacation next month. In fact, because Fast Passes no longer require physical kiosks, Fast Passes are now available for many other rides. Park visitors can choose up to three Fast Pass attractions a day, without having to run to the ride first to get a Fast Pass printed. Although the technology project is still in its testing phases, the evidence of its success can be seen throughout the park. Old Fast Pass machines, you know, the old school ones that print on paper, are covered up in vinyl tarps, waiting for their imminent removal. The future MagicBands might even be capable of making credit card purchases. If guests can use MagicBands to get into the park, use the Fast Pass service, pay for things, and get back into their hotel rooms at the end of the day, it’s reasonable to think that they may not need to carry anything else during their theme park visits. If you haven’t been to Disney World recently, you should check it out. This technology is sure to benefit the tech savvy, who can access and change reservations on their smartphones. Currently, the MagicBands are available to only resort guests and to annual passholders. Many of these benefits, including FastPass+, are available to all guests through digital kiosks in the park by using the park pass.

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