The Dreamy Date Material of Button-Downs

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Much like the perfect date, any wardrobe staple needs to check all the boxes. They both need to be attractive, get along well with others, and clean up nicely. The Brown Polka Dot Cotton Oxford is the complete package. This button-down's versatility makes it an ideal match for the favorites already in your closet. No more seconding guessing and wondering, "what will this match?" This top already has it handled. The brown dotted pattern is a nod to 70's and gives this classic button-down a retro twist. It allows you to pack a subtle punch in the office while still sticking straight to the dress code. Cotton material enables it to breathe easily so you can feel comfortable and polished while on the go. The Brown Polka Dot Cotton Oxford makes a perfect companion whether you are running around the office or out grabbing drinks. Hooking you up with the perfect date is not in our wheelhouse, but giving you the best fit and style for your day is something we proudly deliver on.

Samantha C
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Samantha Cacy is a copywriter and linguist whose epic use of the google search bar is legendary. She holds degrees in interpretation from Johnson County Community College and creative writing from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Her first exposure to storytelling came at age eight when she realized that a compelling bedtime story was a surefire way to create a space and audience for herself. Samantha brings that same passion for storytelling to her client’s copy. She believes that each brand has a unique story to tell and she utilizes her eight years of interpretation experience to translate each client’s story in a way that effectively speaks to their audience. Her work includes industry publications for the Kansas branch of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, donor materials and fact checking for the Lions in Four Fo...
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