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It's been a busy few months for Scripted! If you haven't logged into your account recently, then you're bound to notice a few new features – both large and small – the next time you sign in. Consider it an early Easter egg hunt, though these features are sweeter than candy. How did we choose to build these features? By listening to your feedback! Each of these products was built with a specific customer group in mind, so there's a little something for just about everyone. Spoiler alert: Easter eggs below! Select & Contact Writers: Now, you have full control. Assign projects directly to a writer, or chat with them first via a phone call or message to make sure they're a good fit. Use your favorites over and over again, or find a new favorite. Scripted for Agencies: If you're an agency, your day just got better. You can now manage all of your client's content projects neatly from one master dashboard. You can separate invoices by client, favorite writers for new clients in advance, and more. Topic Marketplace: Fresh out of ideas? We've got your back. Browse the topic marketplace, where writers have pre-generated topics applicable to just about every industry. Subscribe to topics within your industry to receive up-to-date topics in your inbox. Local writers: Do you need a local expert? Chances are we have one. With a large pool of writer spread out across the U.S., tap into our local writers' expertise. Livechat support: If you have questions on any of the above, or simply want to chat about your next content project, our livechat support staff is a great resource.

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Tasia is a Marketing Manager in San Francisco. She graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and loves writing on everything from B2B inbound marketing tactics to creative writing strategies.
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