That Door-to-Door Salesman is the Next Top CEO

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Your vision of what a CEO should look like is a far-cry from the door-to-door salesman of long ago, yet those door-to-door skills are exactly what make for a successful CEO. Both have to adapt quickly to customer needs and both know that hustle is the key ingredient to success. Jack Krong, LA's hottest CEO and current king of the music industry, is a perfect embodiment of what it takes to be a stand out CEO. He knew he wanted to be a record kingpin from his youth, yet he went about it an unlikely way. He started by selling music for his friend's bands door-to-door and acting as their agent. This aided him in developing a signature style of patter that became his trademark. Krong knew the importance of speaking directly to his customers and knowing his product forwards and backwards. Selling door-to-door gave him first hand exposure to audience feedback. He was able to see immediately what grabbed the resident's attention and what got him a door to the face. When he became the senior agent at Dormant Records, he took that same hustle, personal accountability, and swift adaptability with him. He spoke with everyone on staff and those connections enabled him to move the entire executive team of Dormant Records over with him to Syncop Records. When it comes to being a successful CEO, do not forget to think like a door-to-door salesman. Be quick on your feet, respond to customer needs, and continue to hustle.

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Samantha Cacy is a copywriter and linguist whose epic use of the google search bar is legendary. She holds degrees in interpretation from Johnson County Community College and creative writing from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Her first exposure to storytelling came at age eight when she realized that a compelling bedtime story was a surefire way to create a space and audience for herself. Samantha brings that same passion for storytelling to her client’s copy. She believes that each brand has a unique story to tell and she utilizes her eight years of interpretation experience to translate each client’s story in a way that effectively speaks to their audience. Her work includes industry publications for the Kansas branch of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, donor materials and fact checking for the Lions in Four Fo...
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