Sweet NFT Platform Solution

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Sweet NFT Platform Solution

Looking for an NFT platform solution that is built to scale? Sweet has you covered.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are rapidly becoming a multi-million dollar revenue stream. It is the trendsetting currency of the future in the digital marketing world. This has led many businesses to develop and introduce their own custom-made tokens.

NFT platforms are built on distributed, decentralized blockchain systems. The increase in their popularity has created the need for several types of financial operations, but some of these digital platforms don't have the dominance and attention needed for a fully scalable solution.

Sweet offers an NFT platform solution that is specifically designed to scale as your needs grow.

Fungible Assets

Investments, commodities, options, shares and hard cash are examples of fungible goods. The term "fungible" is not quite the same as barter or liquidity. Goods traded by way of the barter method are not necessarily of equal value to the exchanged item. In other words, products or services are often bartered or traded for products of different or incomparable value. A liquid asset can easily be exchanged for money or other goods. Fungible goods are not necessarily liquid.

Most people are very familiar with fungible goods. The idea of owning a non-fungible asset is still quite new. This makes people afraid to invest in non-fungible assets or they don't know where to begin. There are many companies offering cryptocurrencies, but few have made the transition to NFT. So, how can the average person get an NFT?

Sweet provides flexible distribution solutions to its B2B customers, allowing them to pass these unique commodities on to their customers. It is able to scale quickly and efficiently to meet the growing and changing needs of your clients.

Non-Fungible Assets

In collaboration with Bitcoin.com, Sweet has launched a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform that is easily scalable and designed for a broader distribution range of digital merchandise and collectibles. By leveraging the Bitcoin Cash network (BCH) and the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), blockchain digital collectibles can provide consumers and artistic brands with an unprecedented opportunity to garner new streams of revenue, create unique consumer experiences and increase the level of consumer engagement like nothing you have ever seen before.

Flexible Distribution

The Sweet NFT platform solution gives brands the flexibility they need to bring their digital work to the market in a variety of ways, including purchase options on existing e-stores, bundled with a physical product using QR codes, promotional or social giveaways on web-based reservation sites and as a reward for users who complete certain actions such as streaming a song on Spotify or Apple Music.

As more and more consumers and entertainment brands look for fun, new, innovative and proactive solutions in the digital space, the more they are turning to Sweet. Finally, you can easily distribute unique, digital coins and cards custom-designed for your brand and published on the blockchain for transparent ownership and authenticity.

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