Suffragette shines a light on a critical human rights saga.

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Suffragette wasn't a movie I would have gone to see had I not been given the opportunity to screen it for Moviepilot. However, had I followed my gut, I would have missed out on a film that spoke to me as a woman and a former Political Science undergraduate student. The film tells the tale of Maude Watts, a young woman who finds herself pulled into the fight for the women's vote by chance and circumstance. Though she lived most of her life blinded by her circumstances and willingly closed her eyes to the plight of women--and her own hardships--Maude is forced to take sides and stand up for first herself, and all British women. The story is deep and well written. The cast is amazing and includes several of my favorite actors. Brendan Gleeson was riveting as the police detective determined to stop the suffragettes, and is later forced to witness how women have suffered on his watch. Meryl Streep gave a brilliant, although brief, performance as Emmeline Pankhurst. Helena Bonham Carter was both engaging and disturbing as Edith Ellyn. But, it was Carey Mulligan as Maude who drew the audience in and brought the movement to gain rights for British women to life. Suffragette is no blockbuster with explosions and car chases. Instead it is a deeply touching look at the women who were willing to fight for the rights we now take for granted. I highly recommend this film to anyone with a desire to see how hard-won women's rights were, and the bravery of the women who fought for us.

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