Step by Step Guide for YouTube Starter in Philippines + basic equipment.

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Every single day almost 60 million Filipinos go online consuming content from Facebook and YouTube. 87 % of those online opt for video content. With more than 85% of this population watching YouTube content which they say is more interesting than TV content. A broad majority of the Filipinos also agree that YouTube influences them on the brands to go for.

YouTube is the original king of video content and offers vloggers with tools for video content monetization and viewers can either choose bite sized content or full-length content. Similar to other social medial networks, you need to be active for followership and to attract advertisers. An engaged audience offers diverse niches and through this one can reach various groups easily. Consistency is key.

To you who find the thrill in video content and marvel at new media sometimes even trying to do the same, it may be time you set up your "vlog" or rather "video blog" where you will constantly upload video content generating important traffic. Most vloggers do it for fun but lately you can monetize your YouTube channel if you can generate suffice traffic. Having a vlog will give you a platform to curate your content which can gain an audience and a good viewership will help you monetize the vlog. You can only monetize your vlog when you gain 1000 subscribers and your content gains watch time worth 4000 hours over a period of 12 months. After accomplishing these milestones, you can then use Google AdSense to apply for YouTube's Partner program whereby you earn every time a viewer clicks on ads featured in your content.

YouTube pays at a rate between 0.10% -0.30% per 1000 views so you can expect to get approximately PHP 150- PHP 250 per a thousand views. The money earned is sent to your Google AdSense account that you can link to your bank account. AdSense funds are not the only means of earning from YouTube. If you can gain massive audience and have the influence, you could partnership with brands offering affiliate marketing or else marketing your products if you are using the vlog to generate traffic foe sales leads. If your vlog can take off successfully then you are at luck as you can pursue your passion and generate finances.

How to Create a Successful Vlog

Building a successful vlog in Philippines demands a strategy, on how to curate awesome content, keep your audience engaged and how to brand yourself. The following pointers will help you get that vlog going and you will tract loyal viewership.

Devise Branding for your intended Personality.

Do not try too hard, your audience will always tell. Be authentic and find your own voice. Most vloggers find it hard to portray their real persona but it eventually seeps through and that unique appeal is what attracts new audiences. By being legit, you can be able to curate awesome and profitable online video content.

Design your vlog and get your Niche.

Most probably a new viewer is attracted to you because they happen to be looking for particular content. You should decide on the niche you want to address and the type of content you want to offer. Popular niches include culinary arts, music, gaming, tech, product reviews, reactions, how-to tutorials and the sizzling comedy skits. Vlog about content that you and your audience relate to and are passionate about and present it in a manner that informs as well as entertains.

Invest Time in Learning.

Fresh content needs to be most appealing to gain large viewership. High quality videos appeal to your viewers and keep them tuned in. You can sharpen your video editing skills keeping up with what is trending. Digital money management apps can be used to manage your AdSense funds while Metric apps can be used to show you how your content performs in the market, when it was viewed the most and what online strategies work best for your niche.

Invest in Equipment for your Vlog

A camera and good internet connection are the most basic technical requirements of starting a vlog, however you will need to create top-notch videos to be more appealing to your audience. You may need to invest in better lenses for enhanced clarity, earphones, a camera stand or a handheld camera stabilizer as well as lights. This will play a big role in boosting your content's audio visual quality.

Understand what your audience wants

Always remember, you are doing this for the audience and they hold your fate as they give you views, traffic and feedback on the content they consume. Visualize other creators your look up to and the strategies they use to keep their audience hooked to them.

You can engage your audience by inviting them for suggestions on what they would want. You should keep your audience in check because it gives you loyal viewers who gas you up and critic you and you gain occasional viewers.


Consistent vlogging breeds success and you should strategize on how to keep your audience engaged. Once you quit content creation, it will be hard to come back and pick up momentum. Plan and schedule your vlogging activities with more than just a handful of videos. Be resourceful and always make time for your vlog

Market your Content Pro-Actively

After setting up your vlog, the thrill may last just a while. However, you should never let your content go stale. Keep spreading the word. Let your audience always feel your presence by posting about your vlog in various social media channels. This will keep your audience engaged to your content.

Consider Affiliate Marketing

YouTube's AdSense program is not the only means of earning from YouTube. You can partner with other affiliate programs and earn a commission through referrals. When the viewer gets to the landing page and makes a purchase, this will be a plus for you and the affiliate brand. Affiliate marketing goes well with products that are of the particular niche you address, for example, if you vlog about health and fitness, you can run adverts on healthy food products and fitness equipment,

Be the Next Philippine's Sensational Vlogger

A successful vlog comes with a lot of perks, other than having a source of finances, you are also able to have influence over the niche you address and this plays a big role in putting your name in the limelight. A YouTube vlog helps you connect with a larger community unlike traditional television. With hard work, consistency and strategy you could be the next big vlogger in the Philippines.

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