Staple Vietnamese Dishes for Expats

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As most expats know, sometimes you need a break from the strong local flavors you didn't grow up with, and want to eat something a bit more mild that reminds you of home. For me, there are a few staple Vietnamese dishes that are my go-tos when I don't feel up for strong fish sauce flavors or exotic dishes that involve interesting parts of animals -something Vietnam is really well-known for! Here are 9 staple Vietnamese dishes every expat in Vietnam should try: 1. Chao Ga i.e. Chicken Congee or Chicken Rice Porridge After eating this for months and months, I found out that this dish is usually fed to Vietnamese babies for breakfast. Perhaps I have the palate of a Vietnamese baby because it is my #1 go-to meal! It's a great comfort food that makes me feel good every time, and is one of few dishes that isn't made with fish sauce.

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