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R7 AppsTeam Success Story: CMMS


Data Access Across Technological Borders

"CMMS" is a small abbreviation for a very important tool: the R7 Computerized Maintenance Management System. This is the software used to help ensure that all Region 7 building equipment runs smooth. With more than 40,000 assets in over 100 locations (including 21 border stations), that's a tall order. Unfortunately, prior to this year, the CMMS software was cluttered with many unused records. To clean things up, they would have to get the data migrated to a new database home. So Dan Lewis and the Building Operations Support group contacted the AppsTeam. In addition to removing hundreds of unused records for buildings, thousands of redundant PM schedules, and even more obsolete work orders, the AppsTeam implemented standardized PM scheduling and a streamlined process for work order tracking. While those benefits were welcomed by Operations Support, the AppsTeam brought even more to the table. In the updated system, minor buildings were consolidated into campuses to streamline maintenance for border stations. Also the CMMS database structure was aligned more closely with business practices by using the codes specified in the O&M contract. And the AppsTeam set up new building inspection functionality, saving an estimated 100 man-hours each quarter. "The CMMS and the people in Application Support that maintain it are indispensable to equipment inventory, service call tracking, preventive maintenance, and building inspection documentation." ~ Dan Lewis To top it all off, throughout the migration, the AppsTeam Help Desk continued a 2-year track record of zero complaints. We'd say that's keeping things running pretty smooth.

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