So This is What a Boho Celebrity Wedding Looks Like.

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Once upon a time, a beautiful princess with flowers in her ruffled hair ran barefoot through the forest to her prince.

That's how Fig & Bloom describes a boho wedding.

Think Rapunzel, not Elsa.

Think something like this:

Or this:

The boho wedding has an earthy, rustic, rural vibe. If it were a color palette, it would be sage green, butterscotch, and bursts of beautiful browns. The bride's gorgeous gown, typically white or nude, floats in the breeze. Imagine if a 17th-century oil painting and a Game of Thrones episode had a lovechild.

Heavily inspired by nature, the boho bride is a rebel, a renegade, a freethinker, and a free spirit.

_She rocks. _

And she rocks her _boho bouquet _— a colorful cluster of fabulous flowers. Think something like Cannes, our super-special collection of carnations, chrysanthemums, gypsophila, roses, anthurium, and caladium leaves, or our Lucerne bouquet, which bursts to the brim with snapdragons, berries, roses, chrysanthemums, and disbuds. Oh, and silver eucalyptus foliage!

You get the idea.

Where Did the Boho Trend Come From?

Boho's not a new concept. It stands for:


_noun _

unconventional behavior or appearance, especially of an artist.


It's a practice that stems from mid-19th-century France, adopted by marginalized artists, writers, and musicians who lived an unorthodox life characterized by free-thinking and spiritualism. (Queen sang about it in "Bohemian Rhapsody.")

There was a bohemianism resurgence in the mid-2000s when Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen crimped their hair and donned hippie-ish styles. (We lived for it!)

Over time, boho-chic trickled into Aussie weddings, a trend that's more popular now than ever. Think woodland service, not church service. Barefoot, not embezzled shoes. A bunch of wildflowers, not the full meadow. James Bay, not Michael Buble.

But boho is whatever it means to you. There's no rule. (Free-thinking boho brides hate rules!)

Our Fave Boho Brides

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince's wedding in 2011 is the best example of boho fashion we can remember. Kate got married in a boutique bias-cut gown in the cozy English countryside. It was folksy, not Fendi. Guests sat in wicker chairs. Lanterns and jam jars hung from apple trees. It was very Rapunzel.

We'd say Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's wedding incorporated boho elements while still being distinctly royal. Beatrice wore a floral headpiece instead of a jeweled crown, and there was more of a homey vibe than Harry and Meghan's big day. It's all subjective, of course, but we think the whole thing looked like a fairytale.

Boho Style Wedding Trends

  • Boho dresses typically have light-as-air fabrics, organic beads, and simple silhouettes.
  • Decorate your wedding venue with lanterns, wood, garlands, luminaries, dream catchers, fairy lights, and lots of flowers.
  • Keywords to consider: arty, ethereal, indie, non-conformist, unconventional.

It's All About the Bouquet

The bouquet is the second most critical element of any boho wedding. Here are four quick tips:

  1. It needs to be hand-tied, where a florist arranges the flowers to form the arrangement. (Fig & Bloom can do this for you!)
  2. Pick a bouquet that complements your boho dress.
  3. Choose a bouquet that's easy to hold. (Comfort's still important!)
  4. Select blooms that match your personality and style.
  5. Why stop at the bouquet? Add flowers to your tiara, cake, and centerpieces.

Brilliant Bouquets for Your Boho Wedding

Fig & Bloom has bouquets for every type of wedding, including boho nuptials. We only source the freshest ethically grown flowers from Aussie farmers and handcraft all our bouquets from scratch.

Come visit us at our new Camperdown NSW studio or check out our website for gorgeous photos and more.

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