Small Things

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On the way to have coffee with a friend this morning, I was driving on a pretty busy street. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a doe walk quickly up the embankment, and stand at the edge of the road. This is not unusual in Colorado. Sometimes an entire herd of deer will come to a street and do one of three things: leap into the road, scaring the crap out of everyone, turn tail, and run in the other direction, or stand there and wait, as this lovely girl did. I slowed to a stop with my hazards on, and the drivers around me did the same. Just as we all were beginning to feel a little impatient with our beautiful nuisance, four tiny, smooth fawns stepped out of the tall grass to stand nervously behind her, ears twitching and wet noses raised. They were the most perfect brown with white snow drops on their backs. They were so perfect that they looked almost unreal… like the way you remember a picture long after it's taken. In the far lane, someone came too fast, and we all, animals included, held our breath, for fear that one would spook in the wrong direction. Instead, mother's unspoken decision was made. That was plenty for one day. They turned as one, to trot and stumble back down the embankment into the cool green neighborhood where cars are not so fast. Soon enough engines began whirring, blinkers came on, and the world began moving again. For a moment, I almost slipped back into the mundane. But I too was shaken and thrilled by our small excursion together…trembling newness, unbroken innocence, mother's love sense…all enough to make magic the whole day.

Kristi T

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States •

I am a 49-year-old writer, a veteran high school English teacher, and a wife and mother living and thriving in the breathtaking city of Colorado Springs, CO. I have endured and enjoyed a wide range of life experiences that provide me with unique perspectives on subjects like long-term marriage, parenting (birth to teens), teaching and education, recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental health issues, finding balance, and spiritual comfort and experiences. I am also talented and effective in the areas of the organization and execution of family travel, home care, interior and holiday decorating, and shopping, all on a budget. I am very curious, and I love chasing down the information no one else can get. I have a lot to offer all clients of all mediums, and I look forward to being one of your tools for success!

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