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It is a popular misconception that you have to be some form of online expert in order to get search engine optimisation right. In fact this is far from the truth. Say for example, you wanted your site to be fully SEO optimised with the keywords 'web design for dentists.' Well it is possible to do this without being a trained expert. Here are some simple SEO techniques that can improve your site's search engine ranking drastically, all without having to become an analytical expert. Make Your Site Faster We know this has nothing to do with using keywords, but it is still very important. Google now use loading time to help determine their rankings, so it is important that your site is able to load as quickly as possible. Make sure that you are using a web hosting system that is top of the range and is not slowing you down. Also try and compress the images you use on the site so then they don't take up so much data. As long as you are able to use some form of fast-loading HTML then your site should be able to load up quickly enough. Make Sure Your Meta Data Is Optimised Many people falsely assume that if they have their keywords in the web page title then that is all you need. Actually, you need the keywords to appear in the meta descriptions in search engine results as well. Make sure that all of your meta descriptions have your chosen keywords in them. In fact, if you have been using Google AdWords as a way to create a larger audience for your site, then try using the meta data from the most popular ad as a template for your future meta descriptions. Don't Forget Long-Tail Keywords Long-tail keywords are phrases that contain the keywords you have used. Using the 'web design for dentists' example again, a long-tail keyword of this would be 'the best web design for dentists.' Think of them as a collection of suggested searches on Google. If you want to increase the number of long-tail keywords you have, try running a Google search of your keywords and then use Google Webmaster Tools in order to find related searches that generate a lot of hits. You can then use these results as your new long-tail keywords. Use Internal Linking Whenever you are creating a new page of content, try adding links to some of your previous pages. This is a good way to increase your ranking, mainly because you are showing your visitors other parts of your site that they may find useful. The aim is to be an effective online resource, so being able to link to other parts of the site is a good way to illustrate that. Use Social Media More Whenever you have created a new blog post or page of content, share it on social media. Figure out ways to share your posts at the best times so then they have a high chance of being noticed. Also add social media buttons to your website so then visitors can share your content easily.​

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