Seven Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 2016

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It's a new year and everyone wants to lose weight. All over the world, people are making resolutions concerning their weight, and it's certain that they will require the right information in order to achieve these goals. Losing weight is not at all an easy task; this is because it will require a lot of discipline and motivation. Below are a few tips that will help you lose weight fast. 1. Avoid late night eating Research has proven that eating late and going to bed immediately afterwards contributes to weight gain. They have advised eating should be done no later than 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime. Eating a balanced diet and at the appropriate time will make it easier to control your weight. Eating late at night sometimes causes indigestion, secreting excess insulin in your body, which can result in you gaining more weight. Eat well and early to stay fit. 2. Exercise more > A simple walk or jog to your office a few blocks from your home and sometimes to the supermarket is a good way to exercise. Whenever you want to visit a friend a few miles from your home, instead of driving or taking the bus, consider walking – it is a simple and easy way to exercise and keeps your muscles working at all times. Going to the gym two to three times a week is another great way to achieve your weight goal. 3. Drink lots of water Drinking a glass of water instead of other drinks before and after each meal helps you control how much you eat and makes you less famished. Energy drinks, beer, juice and other beverages sometimes contain many calories, yet they do not satisfy or quench your thirst as well as water. You can be sure to stay healthy and in shape when you drink water because it contains zero calories, carbohydrates or sodium, making it the best drink for slimming down. 4. Cut back on intake of carbohydrates One of the most important things to do when you want to lose weight is cut down on your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates in the body stimulate your hormones to secret more insulin, which causes your body to add a few pounds. Lesser intake of carbohydrates reduces the secretion of insulin, helping your kidneys to eliminate the excess water and sodium in your body and keep you in shape. 5. Sleep more Good sleep at night refreshes you enough to make rational choices in the morning. This way you don't feel unnecessarily tired, thereby becoming inactive. Inactivity as we all know is one of the major factors responsible for weight gain. 6. Don't starve yourself Staying hungry for a while can be good for you, depending on your body system, but going hungry for too long because you want to lose weight is really unhealthy – i1t slows down your body's metabolism. For you to lose weight, it is expected that your body's metabolism is on the high side. So, apart from the fact that this can result to some medical issues, it can also cause you to gain weight. 7. Eat lots of vegetables, protein and fat Every meal you eat during the day should contain low carbohydrates, lots of vegetables, protein and a healthy fat source. This will reduce your carbohydrate intake, bringing it to the normal daily recommended range (20-50 grams). Protein boosts metabolism, making you less hungry and giving you the much-desired nutrients for a healthy diet. Little things matter when it comes to losing weight. Keep eating lots of low carbohydrate foods, vegetables, fruits and don't forget to exercise as often as possible. Get lots of sleep and stay motivated. All these contribute to keeping you in shape and making weight loss easier and faster this 2016.

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