Sequins & Sequence by Kat MacLeod

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Melbourne artist-run publisher And Collective launch their new Erm Books imprint with Sequins & Sequence, a volume of illustrations by Kat Macleod. There's something captivating about illustration. A rawness that is made even more apparent in the simplest rendering or pencil etching. But when combined with colour and collage, that rawness transcends to a new level of creation. To those of us that are not gifted with the skill of boundless imaginations, a little insight into these processes are always a welcomed treat. Sequins & Sequence, by Melbourne illustrator Kat MacLeod, is a fascinating series of abstract explorations into her own creative process'. There's a fair chance you are already familiar with her work. Her illustrations for online fashion forecaster Michi Girl, to work appearing in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, and The Age and commissioned pieces for the likes of Collette Dinnigan, Third Drawer Down and Heide Museum of Modern Art. With inspiration stemming from children's picture books and a recent travel period spent in South East Asia, Kat herself admits, "if I started this book on another day, it would have been completely different". The limited edition, hard copied release merges colour and material though intricate and ornate layerings of sequins and beading offset with splashes of watercolour and ink. Kat has developed herself an identity as one of Australia's most prolific and imitated young illustrator, one glimpse at Sequins and Sequence and it becomes apparent why this is the case. Available through Erm Books/And Collective.

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