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The sciatic nerve, also known as the ischiadic nerve, is a large bundle of fibers that connects to the body's nervous system. Located in the lower half of the body, this large nerve supplies nerve sensation to the back, legs, and feet. This nerve can develop sciatica, a condition that results in nerve damage and sciatic nerve pain. At 360 Degrree Chiropractic, we will tell you how our family chiropractor treats sciatica and similar health conditions.

Sciatica: What Is It?

Sciatica is a debilitating condition that causes pain and deterioration of the sciatic nerve. This condition is often a symptom that underlies another medical condition, namely spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, pregnancy, or obesity. Sciatica usually develops when the lumbar nerves compress, putting unhealthy pressure on the surrounding structures of the spine. Sciatica is sometimes associated with cancer, inflammation, or infection. Whatever the cause is, a treatment for this condition comes highly recommended; when left untreated, sciatic nerve pain is very difficult to deal with.

How to Identify Sciatica

Besides chronic back pain, sciatica is identified through symptoms like tingling, weakness, loss of sensation, and loss of bladder control. The pain can be experienced in the affected areas, namely in the back, the legs, and the feet. A sciatica diagnosis requires a visit to the doctor's office. Your pediatric chiropractor can determine a diagnosis through a comprehensive exam and testing. If sciatica is found in the patient, the next step is to come up with an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Treatment Options for Sciatica

There is preventative care for sciatica; namely, you can reduce the risk of developing this condition through lifestyle changes like increasing exercise or improving posture. When you do develop a condition like sciatica, the chiropractor can prescribe you pain medications to manage the symptoms. Spinal manipulation is an effective treatment for sciatica, with the chiropractor using specialized techniques to change the spine to a healthier state. In the case of disc herniation, a surgical discectomy may be needed to fix the spine.

Sciatica Care in Crestwood, KY

Are you looking for quality chiropractic care for your sciatica? Or maybe you just want to check in with the chiropractor to evaluate your spinal health. 360 Degree Chiropractic is a health center serving the people of Kentucky. We can come up with an appropriate treatment plan for your sciatica in no time. If you are interested in learning more, contact the center at 502-241-8939.

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