Save Money and the Earth by Installing PV Solar Panels

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PV stands for photovoltaic, which is a method of converting the light from the sun into electrical energy. As a means to efficiently collect the sun's rays and convert them to energy, PV solar panels are used. In almost all cases, a series of panels are connected together to provide a better ability to collect and convert the largest amount of electric energy. Some homeowners are able to collect enough solar energy to provide electricity for their entire home. Most, however, use the solar panels in addition to their current electrical source. They use as much of the free solar energy as they can collect and then use the traditional electrical power as a secondary source. This is able reduce their current electrical bills substantially each month. How are PV Solar Panels Installed One of the great things about PV solar panels is that they can be installed almost anywhere. Most homeowners decide to have the panels placed on their rooftop because this is a great location to capture the sun's ray and it keeps the panels out of sight. They work best on rooftops that are at least slightly slanted but they can be installed on flat roofs with extra support. If the rooftop is not an ideal position, the panels can be placed on the ground anywhere that receives direct sunlight at least part of the day. These panels can also be place high on poles, to keep the panels from being damaged on the ground. No matter where the panels are placed, the most important ingredient is that they are able to collect energy from the sun's rays. Economic Benefits of Solar Power The sun's energy is free and abundant, so homeowners will never have to worry about rate hikes or shortages. The savings received in just a few short years will pay for the initial cost of having solar panels installed. When a home is able to use the electrical energy gained through PV solar panels, it greatly reduces the use and dependency on their regular electric power. This in turn is able to reduce the monthly electric bill by anywhere from twenty to one hundred percent, depending on how much solar energy can be collected. The average household is able to see at least a fifty percent reduction on their current bill after installing solar panels on their home. The larger the solar panel the larger the saving will be. PV solar panels are also good for the environment because it produces clean energy that is free from CO2 emissions. Solar energy can actually work to reverse the effects of global warming because it is a renewable energy. Homeowners know that when they have solar panels installed on their home, not only will it save them money but it can also help to save the environment.

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