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Learning Life Company's MISSION is to offer a bridge for young adults to cross into adulthood. The life skill curriculum and services are tied together to make a personalized program that influences members to recognize their talents, pursue their dreams and to immediately begin creating a future that inspires them. These young adults shall enter the workforce, be accountable, live with purpose, and contribute goodness to society. PURPOSE Learning Life Company (LLCo) achieves this mission by using a blend of traditional teaching methods, such as written, visual, self-reflection and experiential – all wrapped into a platform called the the.Game program (GITG). It involves whole communities, including parents, educators and organizations, while making extra strides for at-risk youth and their families. GITG consists of entrepreneurial based service-learning, job readiness, ambassadorships, common core correlations, and over 30 life-skills that are shared through a series of activities. This real world-interactive approach empowers young adults to carve their place in the world. To understand this proposal it is important to understand the definition of EntreGivers – Definition of EntreGivers - as described on the website: (Description of the STEM component will follow) In the EntreGivers program young adult members can use their entrepreneurial interests to serve their community or a charity they care about. At the same time, Learning Life Company (LLCo) will serve them so their hard work and dedication can be used to advance their career path, promote self-awareness that leads to a healthy self-esteem, and introduce new personal and professional opportunities. LLCo will provide members with guidelines on how to create a charitable project. The intent is to combine their passion for a charitable cause - with - their desire to be an entrepreneur, freelancer or a leader in an industry they care about. NOTE: Learning Life Company is herein referred to as LLCo, Members will receive guidelines for how to: • create a mini-business plan • execute a version of that business as a temporary project in their community • manage their project (find collaborators, time management, problem solving, etc.) • use the personalized guidance and information provided by LLCo and then act on the advice. At the very least this will include boosting their resume from the experience. It will provide insight and direction toward their higher education; information on community programs that fall in-line with their career path or life skill needs; resources to learn of associations and clubs to enhance their goals; and insight into how service learning can improve their lives across the board. #End sample for confidentiality purposes

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