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Headline: ** How moving abroad is going to be affected by Brexit **

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*Now that so many companies are offering long-term remote working, living overseas whilst maintaining your current job can be a viable option. But what challenges could you face post-Brexit? *

The pandemic has dominated this past year heavy restrictions put in place to manage it. But now with the vaccination roll-out, and normal life gradually recommencing, people are once more considering international travel and the possibility of migration.

However, with the pandemic, there was also something else that happened during 2021 — the full force of Brexit.

This will make a big impact on moving from the UK to European Union (EU) countries. The UK is now defined as a ''third country'' — a nation outside of the EU.

What facts do I have to consider when moving to the EU?

· You may stay for up to 90 days or any 180-day period, but in order to move to Europe, you'll now require a visa.

· Each country has specific requirements you have to comply with.

· Unless you can work remotely with your existing job in the UK, the country you intend to practice in must recognise your professional qualifications. You will need to check with the country's UK embassy to see whether you can work there. Good.

· There will be tighter restrictions on setting up businesses.

· You must have six months left on your passport before it expires in order to travel to your desired country.

What about the rest of the world?

Outside of the EU, you will need to check with your chosen country. Regulations might be changed in the coming months. However, and most reassuringly, there doesn't seem like a change in policy for the likes of the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

In fact, there has been talk of freedom of movement between the UK and the latter three countries, but this so-called CANZUK Union is still only an idea at its fruition.

How does this affect me moving my belongings?

Whilst there might be a lot to get your head around with the post-Brexit policies, we can ease the stress with PSS assisting your international removals. As members of the exclusive European Movers Partnerships (Euromovers) and Demeco International, they offer cost-effective and quality moving services. This will help to ease concerns about the skyrocketing expenses of moving to the EU or beyond.

And whilst most of the world has been at a standstill during this past year, how many removals do you think PSS performed? It was 4,536 removals worldwide. That is quite staggering considering the lack of freedom of movement.

So when considering living overseas, get in contact with PSS so they can be part of your journey.

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