Saas Gives SMBs a Leg Up Over Corporate Users of Enterprise Software

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** SaaS providers are plentiful and often way more equipped to handle the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.** Experienced business software users know the complex steps behind adopting a new platform: loading, upgrading, maintaining and troubleshooting. Any number of issues can arise in any of these steps, adding delays to an already frustrating process. This is precisely why businesses have adopted cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) applications SaaS platforms are built ready-to-use. They offer a range of technical support options and typically require a monthly subscriptions. No installations. No upgrading. No mess.

SaaS Advantages:

  • Technical support is essentially embedded within the software. Troubleshooting and tweaking are usually easy as well.
  • Software revisions and upgrades are part of the service. The provider does everything and there's no need to buy a new version every year.
  • If the SaaS does not work for you, you can pull the plug and look elsewhere without the loss of upfront investment in money and productivity.

Leveling the Playing Field

SaaS is popular with businesses of all sizes, but it is especially gaining popularity with small businesses. In fact, over half of the worldwide revenue for SaaS comes from companies that have under 1,000 employees. That's because Saas offers instant access to software applications, leveling the playing field with big businesses that have the IT support to house their own enterprise software and network support.

Three Saas Examples for Small Businesses

Some of the best examples of SaaS services for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are: - BigCommerce. This is a true Cloud SaaS platform, which gives businesses of any size everything needed to sell online and perform inbound marketing. - SalesForce. The customer management pioneer is still the industry leader and continues to change how sales teams manage leads, deals and the care and feeding of customers. - SurveyMonkey. Customer and user surveys are made simple. So the bottom line is that, with SaaS tools, your resources can finally compete with the "big boys," because you have access to similarly powerful tools without the up-front capitalization costs.

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