Road Trip Packing Essentials

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Hello hello DMS readers! Here, in the Philippines, summer is over. But I'm just not over it. I could still enjoy vacations during weekends, right? How about some road tripping around the corner, eh? Yes, you've read it right! A road trip is a fun way of bonding with your friends or partner and of course discovering new places. But, what should you pack on a road trip? Here are a few of my road trip essentials. I thought you might want to know. • My I.M Presa Fashion Circle Shawl – I use it to glam my outfit and to cover myself when it's too cold or too hot. You can use it in different ways, and you never know when you need one. So, I always have one circle shawl with me. • Sunscreen – you got to take care of your skin, you know. • My Calix Cord Burrito from Adorabella – to keep my cords intact and organize. • A notebook – when ideas pop up, you got to write them down. And of course, for doodling. • My ZTE pocket wifi – because sometimes you have to check your emails and social media. • My Lepow powerbank – you know how important it is not to drain your phone's battery when you're on the road. • My iPod touch – just because you have to listen to music or audiobooks, in case. And I use it to for taking pictures, too. • A hair tie – just because! • My pouch – for my toiletries • Wet wipes/Tissue paper – I forgot to take a picture of it. When you're planning on a road trip make sure your car is well-equipped and ready. Don't forget to inspect your car using the BLOWBAG method 2 – 3 days before your road trip plan. Just to be safe. B – Battery L – Lights O – Oil W – Water B – Brakes A – Air G – Gas

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