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Day 1: I've got a Secret!

Several weeks ago I signed up on Yahoo! Contributors to receive a free sample of Secret deodorant. I had hoped I applied soon enough to get to take part in the offer, but I know it was a big deal! But, Monday FedEx delivered a package with my free sample! The type I received is Secret Clinical Strength for sensitive skin. It is also hypoallergenic.

I am very excited to try out this product as I am a very warm person and often have underarm moisture no matter what type of deodorant/antiperspirant I try - and I've tried a lot! I can't even count how many shirts I've ruined from sweating due to poor protection. So, it's time to find out how well the Secret Clinical Strength works!

Day 2: Read the directions!

I actually read the instructions on the deodorant - which I hardly ever do . . . it seems self explanatory! But, I was surprised to see that the directions state to apply the product at night. But I followed the directions and applied it before bed. I was pleasantly surprised at the scent, which is very mild. Let's see how it goes in the morning!

Day 3: B-O? N-O!

So I woke up and got ready, refraining from my normal ritual of putting on deodorant. I went on about my day and didn't really think about my armpits until nighttime when I was putting on my pajamas. I pulled off my shirt and looked at the pits, which looked dry. I felt them - DRY! I could not believe it! My shirts always have moist underarms; whether I've been exercising or sitting around watching movies . . . I'm just a sweaty girl. I was so excited I yelled for my husband to come into the bedroom. "Feel these armpits! They're dry!" and threw the shirt at him. He was impressed, well, about as impressed as a guy would be about his wife's dry armpits. Now it was time for the real test; scent. I smelled the dry underarms - no smell! I even talked my husband into smelling my armpits directly (now that's love), still no smell! I admit, I was very skeptical of applying the deodorant at night and it lasting all night and day, but it worked!

Day 4: In the name of science!

Being the adventurous and curious person I am, I wanted to stretch the limits. I decided to see just how long I could stay fresh and dry. So tonight, I took a shower, taking care to shave and thoroughly wash my underarms to start with a "clean canvas" so to speak. I applied the deodorant and I'm off to bed! I also should note here that the deodorant did not irritate my freshly shaved skin - gotta love the fact that it's sensitive skin formula! My plan: I want to see how many days I can go before I start to sweat and/or smell. I know, I know; it's kinda gross, but science is not always clean!

Day 5: What's that smell? Not me!

I woke up way too hot - the weather had gotten warmer and with our heat being on all night, it was mighty toasty. Checked my underarms - dry and fresh. I forgot to mention earlier that the mild scent reminds me a bit of fresh cucumber. Also, this is not your typical solid stick; this is the type that you turn to click and the solid comes through the applicator top. Usually, I'm not a fan of this style, but it doesn't feel wet and squishy when I apply it like others I've tried. Back to my day - I went all day, housework and all, and stayed dry and stink-free! At bedtime, I skipped applying the deodorant to see just how long I could stretch it.

Day 6: Science is a smelly job!

Ahhhh . . . a nice wake up to the bright sun in my eyes. A good stretch and still no stench! I took my morning walk, relaxed with a nice cup of coffee and then went to get dressed. As I went to pull a shirt out of my closet, a whiff of unpleasantness hit me. Not make-you-cry-onion B.O., but it was there. And that is where my experiment ended. In the shower I went and I was back on the Secret bandwagon!

Day 7: Goodbye pit stains!

So about a day and a half of coverage - not bad at all! And it's always good to know just how long your deodorant will last, especially for the late-night partiers out there! I will admit, I had my doubts about how well this deodorant would work; I've tried so many different brands and types of deodorants claiming to be the best at keeping you dry and odor free and most fail in less than 24 hours.

Summary: Secret has always been my pick of brands for deodorant, and I've even tried a clinical strength version before, but it didn't work quite as well as this one. I'm wondering if it is because the instructions say to apply at night - which I now do. I am very thankful for Secret and Yahoo! Contributors for the free sample and the chance to try out this product. Not only was it a fun experiment, I've now found a product that really works for me!

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