Remove Mold Forever

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Remove Mold Forever

At Janesco, Inc., we are mold removal specialists who sell ozone machines built for odor removal and the expulsion of mold from homes and commercial establishments. We know that water causes damage in a myriad of ways ranging from broken pipes, floods, and heavy rains. Water trapped in the walls and soaked into the wood or drywall creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive, particularly toxic black mold and other fungi that can cause sickness and even death. If you've got mold, it's important to get rid of it immediately.

Growing Mold and Odor

At Janesco, Inc., we know every way that black mold can infiltrate a building, which is why we stock the right machines for the black mold removal job. Even a simple leaky roof can create an area where mold can grow and an environment where odors can thrive. Aside from the stench, mold produces spores that become airborne and enter the body. Mold spores can cause symptoms similar to the flu as well as depression, respiratory disorders, and even death. In these cases, the only safe way to move through the room is to wear a safety mask. We can remove molds from your residence or commercial property using one of our state-of-the-art ozone generators. The ozone generator is the permanent solution to treat a mold, bacteria, and odor issue.

Walls, Wood and Odor

One of the biggest issues when it comes to mold and odor is their ability to saturate porous materials found in walls including wood. This condition can make the question of how to remove mold from walls a difficult one, but at Janesco, Inc. we have the answer. To remove mold from wood, as well as those hard to expunge smells, an ozone generator is the most efficient method. However, should the mold infiltrate deep into the drywall, insulation or wood framing we recommend calling a mold remediation company and replacing the damaged materials. Remember the ozone machine works on the surface of 2x4s, not their interiors. When it comes to odor one of the most common complaints is the persistent stench of smoke after a fire, thankfully we know how to get rid of smoke smell. Along with removing mold from wood and walls, ozone generators strip away the particles that make up the caustic odor of smoke.

The Power of the Ozone Generator

Home and business owners don't need to worry about how ozone generators work or if they can manage to use one. We can guide you through using the equipment. For example, if one of our FM-2 ozone generators is put on its highest setting, shocking each room in a house that has a black mold issue over the course of several days, it will kill the spores and remove the black mold.

However, because of the nature of mold permeation, removing it from a building can require professional help. When the mold has reached the point that it has gone beyond the surface and dug deep into the wood framing, drywall, or insulation Janesco, Inc. recommends contacting a mold remediation company.

How Janesco, Inc., Can Help You Break the Mold

At Janesco, Inc., we know how to remove mold from structures quickly and more efficiently by using our ozone generators at an optimum level. But we don't just provide the machines, and we build them right here in the U.S.A. This attention to detail is why when a client asks us, "How does an ozone machine work?" we know the answer. But what we also offer is extensive knowledge on ozone generator safety and above all, how to deal with black mold safely. Do not enter a place filled with mold without proper protection. When using ozone generators for shock treatment, make sure the area is completely unoccupied for the duration of the cycle.

For more information call us today at 1-800-639-9471 and find out about our 30-day money back guarantee and how we can make your building habitable again.

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