Psst... San Diego's Best Patch of Sand Isn't In the City

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Fine sand massages the bottom of your feet while the warm sun washes over you like a familiar hug. You came to San Diego for the best of everything, and you've found it. Are you at Mission or Pacific Beach? Or course not; those popular spots collect tourists and college kids like bees to honey and you don't want to elbow your way to the ocean. Your little patch of paradise is just across the Coronado Bridge.

The award-winning beach on Coronado Island is bone-white and nearly extends farther than your eye can guzzle. After a lazy brunch at the Hotel del Coronado, it's just an short meander west until you hit the edge of the Pacific. In fact, you barely have time to sing your favorite Beach Boys song between putting down your last mimosa and standing ankle-deep in the tide. As the salt water laps at your legs, you realize you've discovered the secret locals have known for years. This stretch of pale coast just across the water from downtown San Diego is as close to bliss as you'll find in this life. 

Turn your face toward the sky and soak it up.

Lara V.

Lara V.

San Diego, California, United States

Lara is an accomplished freelancer with a decade of experience and a Master's degree. She specializes in travel, education, business, and marketing copy. Her bylines have appeared on Expedia, Quiet Revolution, MapQuest, and more.

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