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This 13 inch brown Mia wig will make you the talk of the town, or at least the talk of the party. Super-sleek and sexy, heat resistant, heated styling tool compatible, hand-washable, and adjustable, this wig is a no brainer purchase. And trust me, there's nothing you can't accomplish when you're feeling super sassy and gorgeous with your fresh look. If you're feeling even cheekier, check out this style and cut in a must-have pastel pink HERE.

I'm not saying everyone should own a purple wig, but if I did, I would say everyone should own THIS purple wig. Stylish, a gorgeous shade of purple, 12 inches long, and a fabulous fringe bang? Yes, please! The cherries on top are that it is hand washable, heat resistant, heated styling tool compatible, and fully adjustable. Buy it. You deserve it. And no one has ever regretted purple.

Pastel Face Gems. To paste artistically on your face to enhance your costume for a party or to enhance your makeup for a night out on the town. Super cute and uber easy to use, grab up a pack or three so you're never without. Buy them for yourself or for friends. You can never go wrong with gems you can randomly stick near your eyeballs. Keep away from tiny children, they stick everything in their mouths. You can also pick up rainbow face gems HERE. Woo hoo!

When all else fails, still a chandelier on it, am I right? In all seriousness, this mini bright pink birthday cake candle holder is just the thing you need to finish your lovely cake. Not only great for birthdays but also other occasions as well. The chandelier topper is 4" (10cm) and comes with 9 candles. Being the coolest on the block just got a lot easier. Pssst. It also comes in silver HERE.

You're going to make some 10-year-old super happy with this 18 inch Happy 10th Birthday balloon! Adorned with colorful birthday candles and stars, this balloon is sure to be a hit on your child's special day. Just needs to be filled with helium. For extra "cool parent" points let your kid suck the helium out of the balloon the day after so they can sound like Mickey Mouse. Or don't. We're not sure if you should try that at home.

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Peggy Martinez
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Peggy is a reader, a freelance writer, and a published indie author. She specializes in fiction writing, product descriptions, eCommerce (especially product based or subscription based), eBook writing and formatting, pop culture, unique/quirky brand voices, writing children's books, writing in verse, and much more. Need SEO rich blog posts? No problem. A creative writer that can engage communities and customers? That's what she excels at! Have a ton of content you'd like expertly crafted into a legitimate eBook? She's your girl.
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