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Conscious Life Even After Death

We go to a physical grave site to rekindle, love, connection and keep memories alive.

However, they come with a slew of problems. Graves around the world are filling up, so families have to bury their loved ones farther away from home. Also, It's challenging to get the whole family to visit the grave at the same time. Many even feel guilty for not visiting them enough.

Not to mention cemetery rent, headstones, inscriptions, and upkeep can become expensive..

The truth is, we don't need physical graves to naturally feel that love, connection, community, and consciousness we crave.

With digital graves, we can bring all our family and friends together from anywhere in the world to be there for each other, instantly.

This allows us to have a deeper sense of belonging and more wholehearted relations to help fill emotional scars even during the hardest of times.

Our mission is to create space for humans to stay connected and form a community around celebrating the lives of our loved ones through a global cloud cemetery.

With our _End of Time _cemetery, you will discover:

  • ** A Feeling of Love Through Connection:** Share stories, comment on existing memories, and send virtual hugs to show your family support for their psychological wellbeing
  • Memories that Live Forever for Future Generations: Keep their legacy alive by c reating a sacred space to upload pictures, film, and music that represents them onto our cloud. Set the privacy of these to public, just the family, or only yourself
  • More Meaning and Higher Consciousness in Your Life : Help invest in knowledge to create healthier, longer lives for future generations

We don't have to feel lost and alone on our journey through the stages of grief.

The end is only the beginning to discover your true inner self.

Keep their memories alive on a deeper level by creating your free digital grave here.

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Christian Davis
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